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We’re American college kids who left the USA in the pursuit of education (actually, partying). While we were out here, we got the genius idea of shooting porn. What better way to get as close to the girls as possible, thAn to try and fuck them on camera? It takes a little work, but the girls over here are a lot more sexual than the college coeds we’re used to banging in the USA. Firstly, these girls aren’t as spoiled, they didn’t grow up as rich as USA girls. Secondly, sex and porn isn’t looked down on as much or frowned upon. That creates the perfect environment for us to fuck them and film it. We love it so much, we took a year off from school to make this website, so check out our new episodes every week! If our parents see this, they will fucking kill us, that’s why we wear MASKS!

Strip Video Games - You Lose, You Strip.
We invited Amy over to play some video games. Met her at the local college, and she loves American exchange students. We decided to play "Strip Video Games" - basically you lose, you strip. Well, we then put in Jason's favorite video game he's sick at, and let's just say he didn't lose once. At the same, I think Amy was trying to lose, or she was just that bad! Either way, another hot euro girl humped!

The girl we pulled out of the club.
We met Nikki the Friday before at this sick nightclub. They throw a crazy crazy foam party, and she was one of the waitresses who served us. Seeing how hungry for money she was, we went in for the kill. We hung out with her a tiny bit, got her digits, and a few days later called her up to fuck our home boy Jason. This girl is cute as hell - if you're into teens, then you will fucking love her.

Getting Naked on the Ferris Wheel
An awesome carnival was in town, so we decided to hit it up, play some games, and see if we could win some shit. We brought Kristy to the fair, lost a lot of money playing games, so we made her make it up to us by hitting up the Ferris Wheel. On top of the Ferris Wheel there was a crazy view of the town, but what was better was we got her to flash her pussy. Shortly thereafter, she was in our car riding home with us to be fucked.

Teaching Texas Hold'em Poker.
We love playing poker, in fact we do it a lot and frequently hit the casino. This girl we were hanging out with was begging us to teach her how to play, so we told her we would, but she has to strip if she loses, and vice versa. Needless to say, we got her naked pretty quick, pretty easy to do when you make the rules up. We shouldn't have called it Texas Hold'em, the game was really called "I WIN!" and we always won :)

Walking around town.
This is our way of showing you around town. We met up with Zuzana in a park, and decided to go for a little walk. It was pretty fucking cold outside, hence why we are all in winter gear. Do yourself a favor, and only visit Europe in the summer. In the winter its fucking freezing cold.

Big titty Victoria.
Look at them titties shake! Victoria is a MILF like girl we met up with thru a friend. After we fucked one girl, she had her friend come by. All I can say is.. those tits are fucking insane.


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