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We’re American college kids who left the USA in the pursuit of education (actually, partying). While we were out here, we got the genius idea of shooting porn. What better way to get as close to the girls as possible, thAn to try and fuck them on camera? It takes a little work, but the girls over here are a lot more sexual than the college coeds we’re used to banging in the USA. Firstly, these girls aren’t as spoiled, they didn’t grow up as rich as USA girls. Secondly, sex and porn isn’t looked down on as much or frowned upon. That creates the perfect environment for us to fuck them and film it. We love it so much, we took a year off from school to make this website, so check out our new episodes every week! If our parents see this, they will fucking kill us, that’s why we wear MASKS!

Euro Touring with Morgan
Morgan could be the hottest girl we've fucked so far. We called her over for a fornication action. For a Euro babe she was fucking hot. She had a perfect body with nice European tits. She had a bit of carpet but I didn't give a fuck, she was hot and ready to fuck.

Sara shot a little bit more than just some pool.
There's a local pool hall we hit up when we are bored. We took Sara there just to chill out for a little bit. Our home boy Jason (in the pics) got a little cozy with her, and she was totally digging it. We originally found her at a local bar a few days before with all of our friends. A few days later she's fucking in front of our camera. If only it were this easy in the USA.

Bowling with Candy.
Let me start off by saying, this girl fucking sucks ass at bowling. I think she bowled a 15 throughout the whole game, and here in Europe, we get more than 10 frames :) But she's fuckign hot, so we didn't just ditch her there. She even showed us her pussy right there at the bowling alley - even more cool points! I know what you're thinking - DAMN THAT GIRL IS FUCKING HOT - yup, we think so too.

Rock Climbing with Rachel.
Rachel has a crazy good body. We filmed one of her friends, and she couldn't resist the lure of making a quick buck. The girls here are a lot more sexual, so its not that unusual. We took Rachel for some rock climbing. She wasn't so into it, but Jason was. At least she hung around and showed us her tits :) You guys are going to love this video. we're especially proud of it!

Go Karts with Wendy
This is one of our favorite places to chill out here in Europe. We got a local go kart racetrack we like to fuck around on, so we decided to bring Wendy. Our boy Jason made her crash, lol - it's not fun when the owners of the track come yelling and threatening to call the police over damage. In the end, it was all good, and Wendy made up for it by fucking Jason pretty good. If you love curves, you'll love this girl.

Carla in the Kitchen.
Carla came over and cooked for us - how fucking cool is that. Having a smoking hot European chick come by to cook you an authentic dinner. Because she loves cooking for us, we decided to have her fucked in our kitchen. We originally met her while she was working as a waitress down the street. We're starting to get a little reputation around this continent :)

A quick bite to eat with Daria.
Daria is a hot european chick with insane bombs (big ol' titties). We took her for a bite to eat since she was hungry. Since we paid for her meal, she knew it wasn't totally "free" and that she had to return the favor for us. We brought her back and Jason fucked the living daylights out of her. She got a crazy cumshot for dessert.



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