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There's a local pool hall we hit up when we are bored. We took Sara there just to chill out for a little bit . . .
We took Wendy to a local go-kart racetrack, where we made some bets to see who would win the race
We love going to the bowling alley to get fucked up, so we decided to bring Candy there. She sucks at bowling.
As college kids, you can bet we like to party. Our favorite drinking game is beer pong and we set this table up...
Carla bragged to us about how she was a great cook. I just think she's looking to marry an American to book out of Europe.
Amy came over in the middle of a video game session, so we decided to test her skills. She didn't do that well.
Daria is a smoking hot piece of ass we picked up at a local restaurant. Quite the dirty girls also.
A local carnival was passing through town so we decided to hit it up. Some hot ferris wheel action going on!
We're pretty good at Texas Hold'em so we called Lucky over for a game of strip poker. She had no idea how to play :)
We found out about a local rock climbing place so decided to check it out. We got Rachel to show us her tits while there.
Nikki is a party animal we met at the club a few days before. We told her what we do, she was down, so we met up.
Victoria is an older chick with some pretty nice fake titty bombs. A more experienced girl to fuck - pretty hot.
Here we are at the local square. You may not be used to the European landscape so we thought we should show you.
We went to the park to have a football catch with Cindy. There's barely any American football out here.

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